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Managing the categories of products

eDock allows you to organize the products in categories.

The categories can be created “manually” or from the importation of a .csv file (while importing the products you will have also the categories).

Starting from the categorization it is possible to delete products. It is important to face this subject because the elimination of products can cause the closure of listings on marketplaces.

In order to delete the product massively you just have to delete the category they are in.

eDock> Products

Select the fold/category

Select delete:

- Yes, only this folder,

- Yes, this folder and all its subfolders

- Yes, this folder, all its subfolders and contained products

- cancel.


If you use a CSV list file: 

To filter the product categories to import you have to go to:

eDock> Products> Manage Synchronizations (top-left arrow)  

Select the list you want to manage the category from

Click on: Modify registration

Click on: register to a new category

(You will have to register, setting eventually the reloads, for the categories you want to use)

Select: every category